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About Consulting West

Consulting West has been providing quality, cost effective engineering services to the Architectural community since 1983.

Our unique combination of young talent and mature professionals ensures an effective team approach to design, problem solving and project management. Our Westlake village location permits us to be extremely responsive to our clients, even on very short notice.

Our technical staff consists of skilled professionals with twenty to thirty years of experience in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Consulting West has designed over 12 million square feet of Educational, Medical, Research Laboratory and Student Housing facilities. By applying innovative technologies, we provide our clients with buildings that are able to meet the ever-changing demands of today's building systems without compromising energy efficiency or reliability.

Consulting West strives to provide clients with efficient and cost effective professional design and engineering services by following strict cost control procedures and adhering to performance schedules. We believe in total quality management as the foundation for a well-run organization.

Qualified Engineers

Natural Care

Expert Team

Our philosophy in quality control requires that our principal in charge review each project for completeness and accuracy of plans, calculations and specifications. All of our Project Mangers, as well as our Principal in charge, are mature professionals educated in multi disciplinary fields, including Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering. Our very interactive in-house design teams readily and effectively address system coordination issues, thus saving our clients both time and money.

During construction, our experts are available to help address the questions and issues that inevitably arise.

Cooling System

We typically work hand-in-hand with the general contractor, subcontractors and facility personnel to ensure that all players understand not only the design requirements but also the underlying reasons for these requirements, Understanding 'why' is as important as understanding 'how' when working with today's technologies.

Commissioning and training are also very important and Consulting West has the expertise and experience to provide these vital services. Preparation and execution of acceptance testing protocol has been a key factor in the success of many of our recent projects. Training, both project-specific and generic, is an ongoing service provided by several members of our technical staff.

This total quality approach has proven its success throughout the years. Recent projects include such diverse technologies as “defrostless” long-term cold storage, an EMI/RFI-shielded biomedical examination facility, constant-discharge-velocity VAV exhaust systems, numerous hazardous-location laboratory and storage facilities, multiple R & D laboratory renovations for a world-class biotechnology company, multi-family housing projects that use solar photovoltaic energy systems and solar thermal hot water systems to offset nearly 100% of their net annual energy consumption, and gray water plumbing systems that allow waste water to be re-used for irrigation and groundwater replenishment.

Value Engineering

Consulting West Value Engineering

As the project progresses, we review each aspect of the design for alternative systems to ensure that it will provide optimal performance and maintain the best value for the user. "Life cycle cost" and "initial cost" impacts are discussed with the client before the final decisions are made. We take a wide-angle view toward every project. Once we understand the principal objectives of the project, we analyze each component to obtain the best systems available within the client's target budget. Many of our clients, such as Amgen and The University of California Los Angeles, have benefited from our talent, and they have saved a considerable amount of money as the result of our creativity.









Our Team

We specialize in intelligent & effective Search and believes in the power of partnerships to grow business.

Rod Vasquez, Principal, P.E., LEEP AP, CxA

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Vasquez provides clients with a comprehensive range of expertise including design concepts, peer review, commissioning plans, LEED certification, and problem solving. As the principal of Consulting West, Mr. Vasquez manages a fully integrated team of professional engineers who work together to investigate, design, and manage the client’s projects in a manner that incorporates the Owner’s style and desires, yet ensures that the project is innovative, cost-efficient, environmentally sustainable, and completed on time.


Richard T. Adams, P. E., LEED AP, CxA, CEPE

Mechanical Engineer

Orchestrates all aspects of the project, from conceptual design through construction and acceptance. Works with the project design team to identify and evaluate energy efficient design approaches and sustainable design solutions throughout the design process. Monitors and evaluates the installation of the Mechanical and Electrical systems to ensure compliance with the project specifications, budgets, and owner requirements. Acts as liaison to the owner, architect, and contractor. Fosters strong partnerships and teamwork through clear communication. Works closely with the entire design team to ensure that the engineering designs meet the client's requirements and are accurate, complete, and delivered on schedule.


Consulting West Advantage

  • Leverage on our wide experience
  • We provide efficient and cost-effective professional design and engineering services
  • Consulting West is fully equipped with a state of the art computer aided drafting system
  • Our staff's diverse experience can provide a multitude of ideas and alternative solutions
  • Ours is a proactive approach to quality control

Computer Aided Drafting & Technology

Consulting West is fully equipped with a state of the art computer aided drafting system. High-speed computers at every employee's workstation provides our clients with integrated architectural and engineering documents. Equipped with the latest versions of AutoCAD and 3-D software, we are capable of producing drawings in both two-dimensional and photo quality three-dimensional color images. We utilize several types of printers for large-scale and small-scale formats, in color or black & white. Our engineering software packages include "Elite" programs for calculating design loads. Our solar design software provides us with the capability of analytically and graphically modeling the effects of glazing on the building's heating and cooling system. Project deadlines and milestones are maintained with the aid of various scheduling programs. Cost opinions and building materials are tabulated electronically through the use of spreadsheets and graphic charts to ensure accuracy.


Energy Conservation Designs

Consulting West strongly supports the progress being made toward the reduction of energy consumption. Natural day lighting and passive heating and cooling concepts are evaluated to determine if they are appropriate for each project. Consulting West has a unique ability to approach natural day lighting and solar design from a "human life" point of view. The result of this balance between form and function is a comprehensive design solution that is fully integrated into the building's systems. An energy management system capable of monitoring and controlling the lighting and mechanical systems can be provided. Natural ventilation and cooling concepts can also be introduced to supplement the use of high efficiency equipment. Opportunities to take advantage of concrete mass for thermal storage will be explored, as well as determining the most appropriate use of insulation. Ease of operation and maintenance are considered as well. A final comprehensive design solution is developed to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing quality or performance.

Quality Control

Consulting West takes a proactive approach to quality control. One of our methods is to create drawings that incorporate all aspects of the design. These drawings indicate the relationship of ductwork, piping, electrical conduit, structural elements, and architectural elements on a single drawing. This approach enables the builder to avoid costly change orders that may occur during construction. The "fresh eyes" concept is another method we use to assure total quality control. Not only are documents reviewed by the department in which they were created, we also have our principals review the documents for each of the other disciplines. This approach ensures that all departments are cognizant of work being provided by others that may affect their design. Our professional design team is educated in the fields of architectural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering. This broader cross training enables us to more effectively solve design issues and conflicts, saving our client's time and money.